The Adrenal System

As I was thinking about what I was more curious about I thought about different body reactions, one natural reaction that I became curious about was how the adrenal system works. As I was researching I found that the adrenal system gets triggered by some sort of excitement or stressful situation: car accident, sports, danger etc. When this happens the hypothalamus is triggered which then triggers the adrenal medulla. After these are triggered the adrenal glands release the hormone adrenaline into your blood stream, after this occurs our natural fight or flight instinct occurs. Finally, your body reacts to the stressful situation which involves increased strength, pupil dilation and most importantly muscle contraction. Muscle contraction is what gives you the “super human” strength to stop the situation or fix it. Muscle contraction is what occurs when lifting, running and enables your muscles to produce more than usual. This is how the adrenal system functions and enables your body to do incredible things.



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