Not your ordinary watch

The apple watch is a completely unnecessary piece of technology that I now have a hard time separating myself from, so I decided to learn a little bit about how it is made. Originally, apple chose 3 different metals to mold and create a watch of. They are 18k gold, stainless steel and aluminum. The “jist” oh how the process works is that apple created molds, melted the metals and then put them into forms. They then smoothed the metals and added the dial and home button (more difficult than it sounds). After this and adding screen they install all of its functionality.



Wash, rinse, spin, repeat – Washing machines

Washing machines, much like other self sufficient systems are something that would be hard for us to live without. They save so much time and energy. Deposit your clothes, toss a detergent packet it, press start and come back in a hour! Simple right? When the washing machine does this, it first pulls water from the tank, separates into hot and cold, the water warms up then it rinses and repeats till clean. Without this I can tell you my life would be a lot harder and I know my laundry would not get done… ever. fullsizerender

Scrub a dub dub – Shower edition

Every day I take a shower, whether it is in my shower, a hotel, a friends house etc. Every time it works the same but I never really cared to know how or why it always takes so damn long to heat up. Once the shower is put in and connected to the pipes, it is ready to be turned on. Now, depending on the type of knob you have, you’ll either turn it to the perfect red-blue mix or you will turn the cold just a little bit and the hot just a little more till you find the perfect temperature. Once the temperature is found the water is pressurized and separated into a hot pipe and cold. The cold pipe takes the cold water directly to the shower (why its so cold) and the hot goes to the hot water heater to be heated to the appropriate temperature (the one you so precisely found). Once you shine up, you turn it off and begin the whole thing over tomorrow.


Deposits at Banks

Ever wonder how your money is actually handled when you give it to the bank? Yeah, me too. When the bank receives a deposit, it is put into one of your accounts. If it is put into a savings account the account gradually gains interest, rewarding you for keeping it there. In a checking account there is little to no interest on the account because of the outflow of money. There are also different types of accounts to put your money in, that generate more interest, but have more restrictions on withdrawals.


The Great Migration

Every year I see videos on National geographic of one of the most amazing and talked about migrations in the world. As I continue to see videos and learn about keystone species and the effects of their migration patterns I became more curious what started it and how it really works. Researchers say that they don’t entirely know what starts the migration aside from rains, just an innate ability to know. As the wildebeest and other plains animals begin to migrate it sets the eco system off. When they migrate it allows the grass to regrow and forces other animals to migrate as well. I would consider Wildebeests one of the key species in the African Serengeti and Masai.


The Adrenal System

As I was thinking about what I was more curious about I thought about different body reactions, one natural reaction that I became curious about was how the adrenal system works. As I was researching I found that the adrenal system gets triggered by some sort of excitement or stressful situation: car accident, sports, danger etc. When this happens the hypothalamus is triggered which then triggers the adrenal medulla. After these are triggered the adrenal glands release the hormone adrenaline into your blood stream, after this occurs our natural fight or flight instinct occurs. Finally, your body reacts to the stressful situation which involves increased strength, pupil dilation and most importantly muscle contraction. Muscle contraction is what gives you the “super human” strength to stop the situation or fix it. Muscle contraction is what occurs when lifting, running and enables your muscles to produce more than usual. This is how the adrenal system functions and enables your body to do incredible things.